Burgundy top grain Italian leather strap: The automatic minimalist wrist watch

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014 Automatic Steel Burgundy Frontal
014 Automatic Steel Burgundy Behind
014 Automatic Steel Burgundy Side
014 Automatic Steel Burgundy Perspective
Quick Release Watch Straps Leather
014 Automatic Steel Burgundy Frontal
014 Automatic Steel Burgundy Behind
014 Automatic Steel Burgundy Side
014 Automatic Steel Burgundy Perspective
Quick Release Watch Straps Leather

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The automatic minimalist wrist watch - Burgundy top grain Italian leather strap
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Luxury in every detail


  • Glass Dome sapphire glass, 1,9 mm thick w/anti reflective coating.
  • Case AISI 316l stainless steel.
  • Movement 9015 automatic self-winding movement with date and swipe hand.
  • Water resistance Water resistant to 100 meters /10 bar (328 feet).
  • Strap Quick release - one size fits all.


  • Case 40 mm wide and 9 mm tall (1.57 x 0.35 inch).
  • Lugs 20 mm wide
  • Strap Dark Italian top grain leather strap 20 mm wide.
  • 24 cm long (0.78 x 9.44 inch).
014 Automatic Steel Burgundy Mobil

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Icon Swiss Quartz

Automatic movement

Powering the automatic is the top grade Miyota Cal. 9015 high-beat movement.

This reliable 24 jewel automatic movement operates at 28,800 bph and features a 42 hour power reserve when fully wound. An automatic movement does not require battery because it is powered by kinetic energy created from the movement of your hand.

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Icon Sapphire Glass

Sapphire glass

Sapphire glass is the number one component that luxury watches have in common.

It is scratch resistant and highly durable. Sapphire glass is available in the $4-$15 range. The price is determined by the hardness of the glass. Harder glass is more expensive to cut because the cutting blade is a diamond.

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Icon Strap

Italian Strap

The components and assembly of our stainless steel mesh straps and Italian leather strap costs $18,5

Top grain leather comes from the smallest and least readily available part of the hide, but it is also the strongest. Our mesh straps are made of 316L stainless steel. Both straps have a quick release function and are adjustable to fit any wrist - one size fits all.

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Icon Stainless Steel

Stainless steel case

Water resistant to 100 meters /10 bar (328 feet).

Steel cases are made up of a steel quality typically in the range of 304 to 916. The number does not necessarily reflect the product’s quality or price, but identifies the mixture of minerals. A top quality stainless steel case of this size costs $12.40 to produce.

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Icon The Dial


The dial is made up of a thin metal plate with a light beige coating.

The components to any given dial costs about $2.70. The remaining cost is due to the precision needed to assemble the parts. This process requires specialised and expensive equipment.

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$25 - 30


Customs, fulfillment & shipping, storage, product box, transaction fees (VISA etc) and other bank related expenses.

In addition to materials, every order has non-material related expenses such as customs, fulfillment & shipping, storage, product box, transaction fees (VISA etc) and other bank related expenses in the amount of $25 - $30 per order.

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Aaron A.
Verified buyer 08/23/2017
Automatic Minimalist Steel

The watch is outstanding! I purchased both a leather band as well as the steel mesh band. I tried on many expensive watches. B&M, Omega, IWC, etc. and couldn't see the value in owning a watch that expensive. I could afford it but it didn't make sense to me. After wearing my new Brathwait for a week I have had dozens of compliments and couldn't be happier.

Emma S.
Verified buyer 06/05/2017
Very pleased with it.

This is my first automatic watch and is, therefore, a little thicker than the watches of a similar style I've warn before. However, this does come with a feeling of quality and the watch is just as stylish as I'd hoped. I've also been pleased that the leather strap, despite being described as burgundy, isn't as red as I'd feared it might be. This is a relief as I was thinking that I was going to have to purchase a separate strap which was annoying me. I'm very pleased with the watch and haven't tired of the childish pleasure of putting it to my ear to hear the mechanism.

Margaret H.
Verified buyer 05/22/2017
Beautiful watch

The watch was brought for a present for my son in law. He thinks it's a stunning watch, the face is plain which makes it so distinctive and the quality is top class. As my son already has the same watch so l knew it was a quality piece.

Kyle P.
Verified buyer 05/21/2017
Automatic Minimalist

I did a lot of research on this watch and couldn't be happier with the look and functionality of it. I have been intrigued by automatic watches for a long time. This watch met all the things that I was after and is a great first automatic watch for me. I wanted something that had a timeless look and that could last as a stand alone timepiece for all occasions. I believe I have found that in this watch. Even though my interest in auto watches is growing, I can not think of replacing this watch. 5 stars!!

Noor D.
Verified buyer 05/13/2017
I love this watch

As a general rule, I believe in the maxim that one should not get too attached with material things from this world. However with its classic lines and simple design, my watch has become a companion as I encounter the travails of this world. I love this watch!

Vishal P.
Verified buyer 04/03/2017


Elson W.
Verified buyer 01/24/2017
Great watch!

Simple, stylish and elegant! Different senses of beauty are delivered when the watch is switched between the metal mesh strap and the leather strap. Absolutely love it and it is the perfect Christmas gift! Customer service was fantastic as my questions were answered patiently and in detail.

Marco S.
Verified buyer 12/26/2016
Great Quality & Design

Outstanding minimalistic design and high quality of Steel case and Leathernecks strap.

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