Azur: Rosegold Accents: Interchangeable quick release straps

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Strap Azur
20Mm And 16Mm Watch Straps
Strap Azur
20Mm And 16Mm Watch Straps

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Interchangeable quick release straps - Azur: Rosegold Accents
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  • Blue NATO strap


  • One size fits all: 20 mm wide and 24 cm long (0.78 x 9.44 inch).

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Shipping and warranty
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Joseph D. Verified buyer 04/10/2017
Brathwait: Always flawless

Love the watch and this makes it look great with casual clothes.

Sebastian s. Verified buyer 02/27/2017
Good quality for money

Good quality for money

Erin M. Verified buyer 02/20/2017
LOVE Brathwait

I got my fiance a Brathwait watch for Christmas and he loves it. I see him wear it more than any of his other watches, so I decided to get another band for it for Valentines Day. He was thrilled! Just as thrilled as I have been the service I received from Brathwait. Thanks!

Andi A. Verified buyer 01/27/2017
Awesome product. I love the

Awesome product. I love the watch 👍

Morten J. Verified buyer 01/02/2017
Alt for lækkert ur!

God kundeservice, lækkert produkt og til en fair pris! Der er ikke en finger at sætte på noget! 👍🏽

Jacky L. Verified buyer 12/22/2016

This strap was bought as a backup but it has become the main starter.

Bart C. Verified buyer 12/19/2016

Looks great for the weekends!!

Marnix S. Verified buyer 12/19/2016
Solid strap changes the entire

Solid strap changes the entire look of the watch for 30 bucks totally worth it.

Cliff M. Verified buyer 12/12/2016
Great customer service!

Watchband pins were missing on my NATO strap. Got in contact with Shayne M from Brathwait and sent them right away. Also being in the customer support industry I was very pleased with Shayne's professionalism. Will be buying from here again!

Rémy P. Verified buyer 11/18/2016
Very Beautiful Trap


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