Bordeaux: Rosegold Accents: Interchangeable quick release straps

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Strap Bordeaux
20Mm And 16Mm Watch Straps
Strap Bordeaux
20Mm And 16Mm Watch Straps

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Interchangeable quick release straps - Bordeaux: Rosegold Accents
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  • Purple NATO strap


  • One size fits all: 20 mm wide and 24 cm long (0.78 x 9.44 inch).

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Amanda K. Verified buyer 03/06/2017
My husband loves the extra

My husband loves the extra strap

Gregory I. Verified buyer 01/30/2017
Greg Ilegbodu

I enjoyed wearing my new Brathwait watch. It is very elegant, it sits comfortable on my wrist and stands out. I do love it.

Maureen B. Verified buyer 12/30/2016
Fun watch bands

Prompt delivery, great fit, fun gift.

jay A. Verified buyer 11/16/2016
Lovely straps

Bought two of these straps and they look lovelier than I'd imagined. Thank you Brathwait for making cool stuffs. 😎

Nathan L. Verified buyer 11/04/2016
Looks great; appreciate the customer service.

This NATO band looks great. I mistakenly ordered the wrong color, and they were very quick to resolve it by e-mail. I was a little nervous when I realized the band was one-piece, not a two-piece model like the leather bands. However, my watch lays flat and it's perfectly comfortable. The rose gold accents on the band complement the watch very well.

Mike W. Verified buyer 11/01/2016
Beautiful band

As with all Brathwait bands, it fits your watch perfectly. And the bordeaux is subtle but different

Guillaume C. Verified buyer 10/06/2016
Best strap

Very beautiful strap, I am using it for 1 year now and it has not changed. Very strong and good quality, my favorite one.

Strider M. Verified buyer 07/26/2016
Great straps

Great straps and incredibly easy to swap and use! My watch has become much more versatile

Nima n. Verified buyer 06/19/2016
High Quality NATO strap

Beautiful NATO strap with leather highlight.

Frederick B. Verified buyer 04/18/2016
Very Nice

This band is great looking and I have been surprised how many people notice it. Feels snug and comfortable on your wrist.

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