Brathwait Watches: Get To Know Brathwait!

Get To Know Brathwait!

What do you like about the brands you support?

Maybe you support certain brands because you enjoy the way that their clothing fits or you prefer their products’ functionality, but we’re willing to bet that your favorite brands are the ones whose values and story resonate with you.

In this post, we’ll take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our values before explaining why Brathwait watches are some of the most unique minimalist watches on the market. Check out our catalog and browse our men’s and women’s collections when you’ve finished reading this post!

Our Story

The first Brathwait watch was sold in 2014, but our story began much earlier. The Brathwait vision was formed when our founder, Henrik Torp, asked a simple question, “Why can two watches that are equally durable and well-made differ in price by hundreds of dollars?”

It turns out that the answer has to do with the history of watchmaking. More specifically, it has to do with the fact that artisan techniques were once confined to small groups of highly specialized craftsmen who could justify high prices for their work. In the last several decades, manufacturers have automated much of the watchmaking process and lowered the cost of production significantly, but many watchmakers have either kept their prices the same or raised them due to the fact that very few people look behind the industry’s curtain before purchasing luxury watches.

Brathwait’s vision was, and still is, to do things differently.

Our Values


One way to produce affordable watches is to cut down on the quality of the finished product, but the market is already oversaturated with cheap timepieces that don’t last more than a couple of months. We assembled a team of some of the industry’s most talented individuals and thoroughly researched options for our production process to make sure that we could match the industry’s leading brands and deliver truly spectacular watches to our customers.


The average watch sells for approximately nine times the cost of production. This is because, in many cases, products change hands between sales agents, retailers, and other third parties before they’re finally sold to a customer. Each link in the chain needs to get paid for their work, which means that the customer foots the biggest bill of all.

But what if those links could be removed?

We asked and answered that question as we developed the first Brathwait watches. We could have played the game by going through major retailers who would increase prices to match their inventory, but we value the fact that we’ve made luxury timepieces accessible.


The right wristwatch is a valuable accessory that’s just as important as a great tie or pair of shoes. A minimalist watch can instantly transform an outfit by subtly adding class, elegance, and convenience, and Brathwait watches make it easier than ever to customize your watch to match your outfits. We’ve developed a full line of men’s and women’s watch straps that are both affordable and easy to swap out.

If you haven’t discovered why thousands of people are turning to Brathwait watches, head over to our catalog and find out for yourself!