#MyBrathwait | Introduction

#MyBrathwait | Introduction

#MyBrathwait is our latest project and it’s all about you - our community. We’ll be traveling all over the world, photographing members of our community, sharing their unique takes on their Brathwait with you here on our journal

You don’t have to wait for us to drop by your city to take part - use #MyBrathwait across social media to show us how you wear your Brathwait! We’ll feature our favorites to give you a daily dose of style ideas.

Help Us Encourage Transparency in Business

#MyBrathwait is more than just sharing pretty pictures. Together we can drive change, set a new standard for doing business. Brathwait’s most important mission is to introduce transparency to modern watchmaking. But we also believe in inspiring other companies to make great products at affordable prices while being transparent about the process. Taking part in #MyBrathwait means playing a crucial role in that vision. Whether you’re having your morning coffee or out climbing a mountain, we want you to show us your Brathwait.

First stop Portland

The first stop on our #MyBrathwait tour is cozy Portland. Brathwait’s very own photographer Sam Ciurdar, headed to Portland to shoot Brathwait community members Jarrod Higgins and Jessica Grimmer for the first installment of #MyBrathwait.