Blue: Rosegold Accents: Interchangeable quick release straps

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Strap Azur
20Mm And 16Mm Watch Straps
Strap Azur
20Mm And 16Mm Watch Straps

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Blue: Rosegold Accents
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  • Strap Interchangeable Nato Strap
  • Blue NATO strap


  • One size fits all 20 mm wide and 24 cm long (0.78 x 9.44 inch).
  • American Watch Company All prices in USD.

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Cameron N.
Verified buyer 02/02/2021
Great NATO strap!

The Azur NATO watch strap is a smart dark blue with red stripe nylon strap and in my case came with rose gold buckle. This is the second one that I have bought for my automatic minimalist wrist watch, I had the first for almost 4 years and I have worn it every day and for every activity. It has a great smart casual look and is very comfortable to wear, although my old strap still worked fine I was ready to refresh with a nice new one. I love the colours. Highly recommended.

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Kenneth L.
Verified buyer 12/01/2020
Azur: NATO strap

Great quality at a good price w/Fast shipping

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Nicolai K.
Verified buyer 03/24/2020
Good looking strap, Great quality!

Really pleased with the Strap I got.

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Yisrael H.
Verified buyer 04/30/2019
Very hot strap

I love the strap. Got so many compliments on it. Also comfortable and durable.

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Joyce S.
Verified buyer 02/28/2019
Most comfortable


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Andrew D.
Verified buyer 12/16/2018

I love it. It fits very well. Thank you and good luck in the future.

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Ruixiang L.
Verified buyer 09/27/2018
Fast delivery

My strap was delivered in good speed and packaged!

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Felix S.
Verified buyer 09/14/2018
Summer strap

I really love this strap, fits perfectly to my watch and gives it a more sporty and relaxed look for the summer.

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