Verdant: Rosegold Accents: Interchangeable quick release straps

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Strap Verdant
20Mm And 16Mm Watch Straps
Strap Verdant
20Mm And 16Mm Watch Straps

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Interchangeable quick release straps - Verdant: Rosegold Accents
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  • Green NATO strap


  • One size fits all: 20 mm wide and 24 cm long (0.78 x 9.44 inch).

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Matt R. Verified buyer 04/02/2017
Green NATO Strap

A beautiful strap to go along with a beautiful watch. I've had it for about three weeks and I get compliments every day. Only downside is that if you have another strap, it can be difficult to change back between straps. Other than that, I love it.

Karlyn d. Verified buyer 02/18/2017
Brathwait Luminous

Very nice and elegant😊

Gavin W. Verified buyer 12/17/2016
Great watch bands from Braithwaite

I just received my new NATO strap for my Braithwaite watch and it's perfect.

Omar L. Verified buyer 11/28/2016
Verdant Nato strap

Super high quality and it looks beautiful!

Michał B. Verified buyer 11/25/2016
good quality strap

Seems to be better than a leather strap, especially in humid conditions. It's easy to change between material straps, changing to leather one is more complicated.

Gary T. Verified buyer 11/03/2016
Nice for a very casual look

Took a while to figure out how to install it. There is a guide page somewhere on the site, but I could only find it through Google, not through the site itself. It just has a very different feel and everything from the stock leather band, very soft and therefore you'll feel the watch body more and the band will feel as if it's missing. It's also able to go smaller than the leather bands.

Tomasz P. Verified buyer 09/12/2016
Excellent quality

Excellent quality, looks amazing

Beth S. Verified buyer 08/28/2016
Fab product

The NATO strap is really good, and looks like it should cost more than just $15. Really happy with the delivery of the product and came really fast.

Sean Y. Verified buyer 08/10/2016
awesome strap!

good looking strap! great quality

Wayne A. Verified buyer 07/04/2016
Waiting for order

I believe I placed my order June 13 Still waiting for delivery It now looks like 7/25 it will come 3 times I asked about it with out response

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