Green: Steel Accents: Interchangeable quick release straps

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Nato Strap Steel Verdant
20Mm And 16Mm Watch Straps
Nato Strap Steel Verdant
20Mm And 16Mm Watch Straps

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Green: Steel Accents
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  • Strap Interchangeable Nato Strap
  • Green NATO strap


  • One size fits all 20 mm wide and 24 cm long (0.78 x 9.44 inch).
  • American Watch Company All prices in USD.

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John B.
Verified buyer 03/12/2022
Great Time Piece, Need Pins

Needed a new band for my beautiful watch from Braithwaite. Love the NATO strap but wish it came with new pins to attach to watch face. My old one got bent and I'm trying to figure out how to replace it.

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Alexandra B.
Verified buyer 12/03/2019
Amazing strap

Love the strap and service!

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Kevin B.
Verified buyer 01/21/2019

Great watch, look, feel, fit and time keeper.

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Joshua T.
Verified buyer 12/28/2018
Love the Product

Love the new bands, they turn an elegant watch face into a more sporty look!!

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Te H.
Verified buyer 07/25/2018
Beautiful slim black watch. Good

Beautiful slim black watch. Good quality.

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Kim K.
Verified buyer 01/03/2018

Great looking strap and very easy to use! Recommended!!

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Jesse N.
Verified buyer 08/31/2017
Great Fit! Great Look!

I had been eying this band for a while now and it did not disappoint. It is comfortable and complements the classic slim well.

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Alex L.
Verified buyer 10/01/2016
Handsome and sophisticated

Great watch @ great value

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