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The classic
slim wrist watch

This elegant slim wrist watch has a modern and masculine look that instantly captures attention and makes a great first impression. We have used the golden ratio found in nature to draw the lines of our design. The golden ratio is regarded as the perfect design ratio to the eye and is found in phenomena such as the Milky Way, flower petals, seashells, and our men’s minimalist watches.

The Swiss Classic

Inspired by vintage Swiss-made timepieces from the 1960s with a modern colour palette, the Swiss Classic is our first 38mm watch with a Swiss-made movement and luminous hands.

The automatic
minimalist wrist watch

Our minimalist automatic watches follow the unpretentious design of our classic slim wrist watches. The index markings are debossed into the dial with surgical precision. What appears as thin grey lines are shadows from the edge of the debossed indices — taking minimalist design to a whole new level. A half-sphere the size of 0.2mm is debossed into every index marker, complementing the new drop-shaped design of the hands.

The Minimalist

The Minimalist Luminous is our most advanced design to date, but still remains true to our minimalist philosophy. It features two domed dials mounted on top of one another. The bottom dial is printed with Swiss Super Luminous paint that lights up through the top dial at night. The index markers have been cut out from the top dial with laser precision, creating a unique 3D effect never seen before.

The Swiss-made
automatic wrist watch

We are upping our game in our endeavor to challenge form and tradition: Going head to head against the most conservative and closed part of the watchmaker industry — the world of Swiss-made timepieces.

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