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The classic
slim wrist watch

This elegant slim wrist watch has a modern and masculine look that draws attention at all times. We have used the golden ratio found in nature to draw the lines of our design. The golden ratio is regarded as the perfect design ratio to the eye and found in phenomena such as the Milkyway, roses, seashell and our classic wrist watch.

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The automatic
minimalist wrist watch

Our automatic minimalist wrist watch follows the unpretentious design of our classic slim wrist watch. The index markings are debossed into the dial with surgical precision. What appear as thin grey lines are shadows from the edge of the debossed indicies – taking minimalist design to a whole new level. A half-sphere the size of 0.2 mm is debossed into every index marker complementing the new drop-shaped design of the hands.

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Limited Edition

The Swiss made
automatic wrist watch

In our endeavor to challenge form and tradition we are upping our game: going head to head against the most conservative and closed part of the watchmaker industry - the world of Swiss Made timepieces.